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Which level of competition will use the sports facility?

Competition level

Different competition levels place different demands on pitch, e.g., the necessary obstacle-free space around the perimeter.

The higher the playing level, the greater the requirements.

Please specify the area of the sports field (in sf)

Sports Dome - Field Dimensions

Field dimensions (in sf)

Football: 57,600 sf // Soccer: 49,500 sf - 86,400 sf // Lacrosse: 52,800 sf - 139,000 sf // Field hockey: 54000 sf // Athletic track (6 lanes): 38,000 sf // Tennis Court: 7,200 sf

What surface do you want for your sports dome?

Sports Domes - Surface

The use concept is the most important factor in selecting a surface for your sports facility.

Part of that is knowing the competitive level of the athletes and events that will use your track, courts or fields.

Please select the average maintained light level for your sports dome?

Sports Domes - Illuminance levels

The entire area of a Sports field should be uniformly illuminated.

  • Class II (50 fc. / 500 lux.): Semi-Professional sports (Amateur Leagues / High School)
  • Class III (30 fc. / 300 lux.): Training facilities 

How much of the required funding have you already secured for your sports facility project?

Fundraising for sports facility projects

Raising the money to pay for a new sports facility is a challenge. 

Here are some tips and grant programs we have found widely applicable to the development of a new sports facility:

Sports facility grants and funding

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