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Please enter the field dimensions (length x width, in feet)

Dimensions of a Lacrosse field

Men's Field Dimensions:

A lacrosse field is 110 yards long and can be from 53 1/3 to 60 yards wide.

Length x Width (in ft): 330 x 160-180

Women's Field Dimensions:

The maximum playing area remains at 140 x 70 yards and the minimum playing area remains at 110 x 60 yards.

Length x Width (in ft):  420-210 x 330-180

Do you want infill for your artificial turf field?

Artificial turf infill

The infill granules make a significant contribution to the cushioning as well as the ball's bounce and roll behavior across the surface.

Professional planners have typically recommended infill with EPDM or TPE granules. Natural infills, such as cork, are increasingly being used.

Do you want field markings for other sports (e.g. football, soccer)?

Multifunctional use

A sports field can be used for multiple sports.

The appropriate field markings can be taken into account during construction.

Would you like to brand the field with field or end zone logos?

Field Logos

The field can be branded with lettering or a logo, which can be in one or more colors.

The visual branding of sports fields in schools, municipal facilities and other sports venues is becoming increasingly important and can be a real "home field advantage".

Do you want to install a sprinkler system?

Sprinkler system

Regular watering is part of the maintenance of an artificial turf playing field.

In most cases, retractable sprinkler systems are installed as part of construction.

How much of the required funding have you already secured for your artificial turf field project?

Fundraising for turf field projects

Raising the money to pay for a new artificial turf field is a challenge. 

Here are some tips we have found widely applicable to the development of a new turf sports field:

12 tips for turf field financing 

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